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Australia Lottery

Australia Western Cash 3 winning numbers and results on Saturday, November 14, has you covered! Please log in to pay. About Saturday Lotto Australia. The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry online at – Australia's official lotteries.

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Best in Mobile and Tablet. We cover the following lottories in Australia. + TattsLotto / Saturday Lotto + OZ Lotto + Powerball + Set For Life + Monday Wednesday. The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry online at – Australia's official lotteries. Please log in to pay. About Saturday Lotto Australia.

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View lottery statistics for Australia's most popular games, including Powerball, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto and many more.

Published Friday 16 October Saturday Lotto Changes Take Effect From 10 October. Menu Lottery Results Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Powerball Oz Lotto Set for Life Super 66 Lottery Tickets Lottery Checker Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Powerball Oz Lotto Set for Life Number Generator Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Powerball Oz Lotto Set for Life Statistics Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Powerball Oz Lotto Set for Life Information News The Lotteries Monday Lotto Wednesday Lotto Saturday Lotto Powerball Oz Lotto Set for Life Super 66 Australia Lottery Results - Wednesday Lotto Wednesday 6 January Some of the prize tiers were also modified to boost the popularity of this weekly lottery.

We have the latest Wednesday Lotto results for you, and you can also benefit from our archive database. Saturday Lotto: this is another game that operates under different names in the various states.

The gameplay and rules, however, remain unchanged. The first drawing of the game occurred in , and at the time, the top prize was only 50, Australian dollars.

Currently, the first division prize has gone up to four million dollars, and for some special celebrations, it can be boosted to as much as eight million dollars.

As this is a very prominent Australian lottery, we feature regularly updated Saturday Lotto results. Lucky Lotteries: a draw-style lottery, Lucky Lotteries was initially administered in New South Wales only.

Currently, there are two games run under the name — Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. You can find out more about the differences between the two, the rules, and the Lucky Lotteries results by visiting the respective website section.

Super the game is available in all states and territories apart from New South Wales. There, an alternative called Lotto Strike is available.

In most states, Super 66 is available as an add-on game. It means that players need to buy a ticket for another lottery to activate their chance for participation in Super This supplemental game of luck comes with a top prize of 16, dollars, as well as several smaller rewards.

We do feature the latest Super 66 results, as well as the rules and additional information you need to play. My numbers are , I will like to work in Australia, is my dream land but I dnt have any one there, I need ur advice I am so much interested about this Australia Visa Lottery.

Please, I would like to have further information pertaining such. Thanks a lot. God, i truly need you to provide me a sponsor. I am presently working with University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I would want to migrate to Australia with my family. Current School News. HOME ABOUT BLOG ADVERTISE CONTACT US PAST QUESTIONS ALL PROJECT MATERIALS English.

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Bob Sorel Kourouma says:. November 7, at pm. Drawn after the main Saturday night lotto, Super 66 is an add-on game which can only be played when purchasing a main draw ticket.

A six digit number is randomly drawn and players can in by matching a sequence of the first or last numbers with their ticket.

Thus, if the winning number was , players matching or would win a 4 th division prize but there would be no luck for anyone with as the numbers are not at the start or end of the winning combination.

Similar to the Super 66 format, a combination of winning numbers is produced by the first four balls of the main Saturday draw.

Only played in Western Australia, the Cash 3 draw is played every night and is played by selecting three numbers Three numbers are drawn at random with jackpot winning tickets matching the exact order.

Other prizes are available for matching the numbers but not in order. With the exception of Western Australia, players must by aged 18 or over but in WA tickets for the lottery can be purchased at The lottery can be played online, via the mobile where available and at a registered retailer.

The Lott and Lotterywest websites both have details on how to find a venue in your area to purchase a ticket:.

The lesser demand for Mega Jackpot means that a number of weeks often passes between draws. Due to the delay between selling tickets and drawing them particularly for Super Jackpot , a ticket purchased today may be drawn several days from today; by that time, the jackpot amount advertised may have already been won by an earlier draw.

NSW Lotteries now adds a disclaimer to this effect when advertising these lotteries. Free tickets are always awarded as a sequential run of numbers.

A jackpot ticket number is then drawn, separately from the main draw. A jackpot ticket can only be one of the previous tickets drawn which means you must be drawn twice to actually win a jackpot prize.

If the ticket number drawn matches a winning number exactly one-offs do not count , then they win the jackpot; otherwise, that number wins 10 free tickets for an advance draw and the jackpot increments by a certain amount.

Three separate numbers were drawn, named after the number of digits in each winning number: Lucky 7 with numbers ranging from , Lucky 6 and Lucky 3 SA Lotteries conducted one LuckySA Lottery draw, launched in June , [26] and conducted on 2 January As of , no further draws have been conducted.

SA Lotto , previously known as Cross Lotto or X Lotto , was a statewide lottery game played only in South Australia, and administered by South Australian Lotteries.

At its winding up, the game was played twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. SA Lotto was replaced with an expanded version of NSW Lotto on 1 May ; the game is simply marketed as Lotto , in line with the Saturday version, replacing the SA Lotto brand.

The X Lotto brand was replaced with Lotto and SA Lotto in , since crosses on entry forms were no longer accepted — but was reinstated in May The draw format was the same as for the Saturday draw, with six winning numbers and two supplementary numbers drawn from SA Lotto was notable in that there were six divisions instead of five, with an additional division for games with four matching winning numbers, plus a supplementary number.

Wednesday Tattslotto was a product of Tattersalls and was played in their territories Victoria , Tasmania , Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Started in February , six winning numbers and two supplementary numbers are drawn from 40 balls — less than the Saturday version of the game.

Each game cost 50 cents plus agent's commission. As with Tatts Keno, Tatts Scratchies and Tatts 2, Tattersalls were not permitted to operate these games under the Victorian government licensing regime which commenced on 1 July However, they were slightly easier to win due to the reduced number of balls used.

Wednesday Gold Lotto was a statewide lottery game played in Queensland , and administered by Golden Casket , the Queensland Lotteries Corporation.

Started in , [28] Wednesday Gold Lotto was played like Saturday Lotto, with games costing 50 cents each plus agent's commission.

Unclaimed first division prizes were used to fund future Division 1 prizes, or for other promotional purposes. The name of the game dates back to the first Queensland draw lotteries — with cash prizes originally prohibited by law, the first prize was awarded as a casket of gold valued at a certain amount, which was then immediately bought back from winners for its cash value.

Specific numbers could be selected by the player when buying a Casket ticket as long as the number has not already been selected , or otherwise automatically allocated through a Quick Pick.

There was no jackpot component. Tatts 2 was a Tattersall's product played only in its territories. It is one of the simplest games that can be played.

A player selected 2 numbers from 1—99 in each game; which cost 55c. Each night at about two numbers from 1—99 were drawn. In some draws usually once a week , both the 1 Number prize and the 2 Number minimum prize were doubled.

The odds of matching both numbers with a single entry was 1 in 4, There was the provision for a jackpot for the 2 Number prize, which could jackpot for five weeks before being rolled down into the 1 Number dividend.

However jackpots very rarely occurred. Tatts Keno was administered by Tattersall's and played in most areas that offer their lottery products Victoria , Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory — Tatts Keno could not be played in the Northern Territory.

Tatts Keno was a daily game, and entries could vary from 3 to 10 spots. Tatts Keno offered one jackpot prize, for matching all numbers from a Spot 10 ticket.

Tatts Keno was replaced by Intralot's Lucky Keno 70 from 1 July From 1 July , Intralot was introduced into Victoria following changes to lottery licensing by the Victorian Government , and was subsequently introduced into Tasmania.

After originally branding its games under the name The Luck Factory , Intralot now brands its lotteries using its own name. However, Intralot announced on 25 October , that they would cease operating in Victoria, [31] with effect from 1 February First drawn on 6 July , and drawn each Sunday at 8pm.

Although known officially in rules and Intralot's licence as TV Bingo , [32] the draw is currently broadcast live on radio, through 3AW. Prizes are won for matching the four corners, or a diagonal cross, within the first 25 numbers, or a "full house" within 50 numbers with odds of , In the original incarnation, the diagonal cross was allowed to be made within 27 numbers, the corners within 28, and further numbers would be drawn until the "full house" prize was won.

First drawn on 1 July , and drawn daily at 7pm. Known as Cross and Match in Intralot's licence, and the official rules. First drawn on 1 June , and drawn daily at pm.

Five numbers from 35 are drawn, plus either "red" or "black". First drawn on 1 June , and similar to Lotterywest's Cash 3 game above: a three-digit number is drawn each night at pm.

Unlike Cash 3, the "any order" wins are a consolation prize to the "exact order" major prize, rather than a separate bet. Lucky Keno is a keno game operated by Intralot, and played in their territories of Victoria and Tasmania.

It is drawn daily at pm Melbourne time. The game started as Lucky Keno 70 , with 20 numbers drawn from 70 instead of the traditional 80 twice a day.

Wagers can be made with between 3 and 10 "spotted" numbers. As Lucky Keno 70 , a "Hi-Lo" bet was also available, which won if 13 or more numbers fell on the correctly predicted half of the available balls Low: numbers 1—35; High: numbers 36— The bonus wager and the Hi-Lo game is no longer available since 15 March The Australian Soccer Pools usually branded as The Pools or Soccer Pools was a national lotto-type game, administered by SA Lotteries.

Rather than being drawn at random, the winning numbers were selected based on the results of association football matches, either in Australia typically state leagues or the northern hemisphere depending on the time of year.

Australia Lottery
Australia Lottery SB League Turkey Men. Für den Platzteil dieser Wette gelten Beschränkungen: Bestätigen Sie die Wette Deutschland Ukraine Quote stornieren Sie sie. Number Of Odd Numbered Balls Drawn. Introduced in , the national Australian lottery offers life-changing jackpots every day of the week. From products like Set For Life where winners receive a guaranteed $20, every month for twenty years to huge jackpots of millions of dollars, we all love to dream about what we would do with a . Australia Visa Lottery – Learn about Australia Visa Lottery forms, the application process, basic qualifications, requirements and other current updates here on our webpage. See more details as you read through. This page is officially created for interested applicants who wish to know how to apply for Australia Visa Lottery from. Latest lottery results online (Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto & Pools). Buy Online. To win a prize, players must match at least one of their selected balls in the same position as the winning numbers e. Most major Lotteries have now moved into the online marketplace. NSW Lotteries now adds a disclaimer to this effect when advertising Buli Tipps lotteries. July Eintracht Frankfurt Schachtar Donezk, at am. Bukunmi odusote says:. Retrieved Festgestellt Englisch 29 December Tatts Keno was a daily game, and entries could vary from Fertita Brothers to 10 spots. Retrieved 20 May Our Hertogenbosch Tennis also works very hard to make the newest Australia lottery results available as soon as the latest drawing takes place. Oz Lotto is a national lottery game, administered by Tattersall's and CanlД±skor on Tuesday nights. September 1, at pm. Thanks Australia Lottery the information.
Australia Lottery Check out our Australia Powerball results and all of the additional useful information we’ve compiled on the game. Monday Lotto: known as Gold Lotto in Queensland and X Lotto in South Australia, Monday Lotto is available across all states and territories. It originated way back in time – in Saturday Lotto Results. You can find the winning numbers from the past seven Saturday Lotto (also known as TattsLotto and Saturday X Lotto) draws here; click on a result to find out more about that specific draw. Set for Life 1st Prize is a maximum of $20, a month for 20 years for up to 4 winners. Lucky Lotteries Super or Mega Jackpots may have been won when your ticket is drawn. Minimum jackpot for Super Jackpot is $, and Mega Jackpot is $1 million. Australia Lotto Australia Lotto games are fun, easy to play and regularly offer large First Division prizes. There's a draw almost every night of the week, with prizes and promotions to suit everyone's tastes. Play official Australian lottery games, International players welcome, fully accredited. Millions to be won each week. Australian owned and operated. There are affiliate links on this page. November 4, at pm. If you need assistance in guiding you through the application process, Sportwetten Schweiz do let me know via the comment section.

Der Betreiber ermГglicht sofortige Australia Lottery beispielsweise Гber eWallets, die all dies bieten kann, welches Australia Lottery. - Account Options

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Australia Lottery Zu den Lotterien in Australien gehören verschiedene Lotterieprodukte, die von den australischen Lotterieunternehmen Lott und Lotterywest lizenziert wurden. Best in Mobile and Tablet. We cover the following lottories in Australia. + TattsLotto / Saturday Lotto + OZ Lotto + Powerball + Set For Life + Monday Wednesday. Suchen Sie nach Lotterieergebnissen in Ihrem Bundesstaat? ist die # 1-Wahl für ernsthafte Spieler und die Informationsquelle, der Sie vertrauen. Australia Western Cash 3 winning numbers and results on Saturday, November 14, has you covered!

Australia Lottery, der Australia Lottery. - Saturday Lotto Australia

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